Sophia Roe allows her culinary imagination to run free. Like Perrier-Jouët, her artistic approach is enthusiastic and hopeful, sharing a joyful vision of nature.

A Banquet of Nature

Champagne Friday’s is a tradition at VMGROUPE. So when Perrier-Jouët asked us to create a campaign, we were buzzing with excitement. Who better to buzz with than Madame Sophia Roe, the James Beard Award winning chef known for elevated plant-centric dishes and her playful ASMR approach to culinary creations.

VMGROUPE developed the big idea campaign, key messaging & storytelling, pre-production, production, post-production, and post-launch support. We clearly enjoy what we do for a living! 🙂

Watch the Campaign

Mesmerizing & Stunning

01. Blanc de Blancs

02. Belle Epoque Rosé

03. An Elevated Playground

Watch the 2nd Campaign

Leveraging the Power of CGI to Push Luxury Storytelling Forward

From a clay model meticulously modeled and built in 3D, our Art Directors perfectly materialize, light, and texture to a create a hyper-photorealistic visual masterpiece ready for still use or animation.