Composed by Frank Gehry, maestro of awe-inspiring spaces, 8 Spruce blurs the lines between home and inspiration, elevating living within 76 stories of rolling waves.

Elevating Living into an Artform

Formerly known as The New York by Frank Gehry, the equity partners and asset management group of the $850M iconic skyscraper, awarded VMGROUPE with the prestigious responsibility to rename, rebrand, and elevate this worldly recognizable luxury residential masterpiece. VMGROUPE conducted a market overview, established a strategy, and defined the new look, voice, and tone, designed to last centuries and never go through another rebrand again.

Using the buildings permanent address, VMGROUPE named the building, 8 Spruce, and developed a suite of luxury applications desired by HNWI residents. Composed by Frank Gehry, 8 Spruce elevates living into an artform, blurring the lines between home and inspiration. The most notable feature of this building is its use of “Deconstructivism”, a brilliant architectural technique that centers around complexity and controlled distortion in a building rather than functionality and convention.

Branding & Packaging

01. Stationery

02. Branded Collateral

03. Embroidered Icon