Lobsterboys is a third-generation crustacean house, delivering superior lobsters to the world’s most discerning palates. Its seal is the gold standard for informed harvesting and mindful consumption of the culinary touchstone of luxury, Lobster.

Indulge with us

Lobsterboys is the authority for fine lobsters. LB partners with fishermen in the North Atlantic to buy direct from their boats, delivering lobster unlike any you’ve ever tasted before. Each single crustacean is held to the most stringent quality control standards imaginable, selected and graded by the LB expert team and scrutinized for the highest meat-to-shell ratio and optimal blood protein levels.

The result: the freshest, most flavorful meat available, with up to an unrivaled 50% yield. Lobsterboys is committed to preserving the extreme, high-risk trade and sport of lobstering, by promoting sustainable practices and protecting our family of fisherman who devote their lives to bringing us the sea’s ultimate luxury.