Growth always starts within. Physician-formulated, the DeeplyRooted™ age-defying system, revitalizes unhealthy hair. Delivering real growth and lush results. It’s the holistic way to refresh, restore, and regrow.

Real Growth & Lush Results

The challenge: Create a clear directional plan for differentiating Hush & Hush from their competition by looking for missed opportunities in the market and creating an over-arching strategy for larger brand recognition. By benchmarking brands that share similar visions, deliver clean products formulated with extensive scientific R&D, and use sophisticated, high-level product photography, we saw the white space in the market, identified the missed opportunities, and developed a campaign that established Hush & Hush as a leading luxury haircare choice.

The result: Increased desire and perceived value, and record-breaking sales for a product launch within the brand’s portfolio. Leveraging VMGROUPE’s brand strategy, storytelling, content creation and digital customer acquisition expertise, Hush & Hush has all the tools to deploy their marketing activations and reach their target goals.

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