3 Billion views, a new skincare routine terminology "skin cycling", and a tagline impossible to forget, "That Bowe Glowe". VMGROUPE developed the brand strategy, storytelling, visual identity, and packaging design for dermatologist to the stars, Dr. Whitney Bowe. Shaping the right foundation for the brand's continuous success forward.

Skin care begins within. Dr. Whitney Bowe balances the microbiome, fuels the brain and nourishes the skin, creating inner balance for outer "glowe."

Dr. Whitney Bowe is known for her groundbreaking, three-dimensional approach to skincare. By optimizing the connection between the gut microbiome, the mind, and the skin, she harnesses the power of holistic health to deliver transformative results – what her patients fondly refer to as “That Bowe Glowe”.

Now, Dr. Bowe is blazing a new trail with a truly integrative skincare regimen that significantly impacts our overall wellbeing. By thoughtfully and strategically pairing ingestible nutrients with topical products, Dr. Whitney Bowe empowers consumers to solve their skin issues at their source – revealing a radiant, beautiful glow that reflects inner health and confidence.

Pantone® 2716 C
C35 M25 Y0 K0

Pantone® 7674 C
C51 M44 Y06 K0

Porcelain White
C02 M01 Y01 K00


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