Indie Beauty Award Winner, C+L is strictly organic, clinically-proven superior, and pushing perfection to become your natural choice. Harnessing Nature's instincts for survival, the wild-harvested small-batch and ranch-crafted men's skincare line restores moisture, re-energizes, and soothes depleted skin.

Wild Resilience

Jared Pobre and Stacy Keibler launched in 2019, a luxury Ecocert Certified Organic men’s skin care brand (Caldera + Lab) made with potent, nutrient-rich super plants. VMGROUPE was commissioned to create the logo, product name and naming system, brand copy + storytelling, primary + secondary packaging, product shots + renderings, imagery, website, etc. As a result the client won the Indie Beauty Award in 2019.

At VMGROUPE, building brands set to WIN and go BIG is our passion. C+L showcases the result of client-to-agency collaboration, and the success that can be achieved when everyone trusts the process. Services: Brand Consulting & Design, Packaging Design, Copywriting, Website Design, CGI Content Creation.