Amélie Maison d'Huitres harvests the World's finest oysters. The unique merrior of Marennes-Oléron combined with a demanding and refined process cultivate exceptional oysters with an aromatic complexity and remarkable finesse, coveted by the world's best chefs and the most distinguished palates.

We elevate everything...even oysters.

Amelie is a modern French oyster house, experts in cultivating the finest oysters in the world. VMGROUPE was commissioned to complete a comprehensive rebranding, from logo, tag line, positioning, content creation, and visual communications. Once completed, our global PR offices launched a successful PR campaign in Spain and France, this included an exclusive partnership with the international exclusive members-only club, Soho House, intimate influencer dinners with Elle Gourmet, and a launch at Tranoi in Paris during Paris Fashion Week.

Amelie Maison d’Huitres and the fashion trendsetting elite previewed the collections of today’s leading and emerging avant-garde designers, followed by a rooftop celebration at the Palais de la Bourse. This initiative provided Amelie visibility and brand awareness amongst avant-garde leading and emerging brands, designers and the fashionable young elite during Paris Fashion Week. Services rendered: Brand Strategy, Re-branding, Brand Consulting & Design, Public Relations + Events, Adaptive Marketing, Advertising Campaign.