Attention all baddies + their besties Join us at

Sugar Me

A Glam Bar Experience

You and your bestie are invited to join us at 45 Grand Street in Soho NYC. Get sugared up at the Lattafa Perfumes Glam Bar with complimentary manicures, temp tattoos, face gems and more. This is the Yara Candy launch event, where baddies and their besties gather to celebrate the beauty of being juicy.  Join us and get sugared up, because you’re so sweet.

Saturday July 27th & Sunday July 28th 2024

11am – 7pm

Walk-ins accepted. RSVPs get priority.


    • Nail Art • Temp Tattoos • Your Name in Arabic Calligraphy • Personalized Fragrance Bottles • Face Gems • Special Performances • Juicy Sweets • Arabian Scents + Discovery Bar

    Lattafa Perfumes, a leading name in the world of fragrance, announces the launch of its latest creation, Yara Candy. This enchanting new perfume is set to captivate the senses with its unique blend of sweetness and sophistication. Yara Candy opens with a burst of fruity freshness, featuring top notes of luscious strawberry fizz and green mandarin. The core reveals a delightful harmony of these candied fruits, adding a sweet sophistication that perfectly complements the opening notes. The base note of vanilla syrup provides a lasting, sensual finish that lingers on the skin.

    Complimentary Beauty Bar

    Saturday, July 27th 11am - 7pmSunday July 28th 11am - 7pm45 Grand Street (West Broadway)New York, NY 10013

    Open to the Public: July 27th – 28th 11am - 7pm