Digital Experiences

This massive digital wave in Seoul is a mind-blowing, immersive illusion

Pure enjoyable experience. This digital experience utilizes anamorphic illusion methods to create an immersive, and mesmerizing effect.

Digital Storytelling

The power of CGI for enhanced digital experiences and storytelling

We are leaders in ultra photo-realistic high production value CGI. Short Animations enliven websites, IG stories, IG feeds, display advertising, Pinterest Ads, etc. Once the model is built, we can create unlimited amount of content at a fraction of an IRL product photoshoot. Even more cool, this content can be customized using dynamic marketing so each shopper feels this video was created for them!

Virtual Eventing

Partnerships with online networks with high-quality members to cultivate real, long-lasting relationships online.

HeyMama’s unique membership circle includes more than 2500 CEOs, founders, creatives, artists and other kick-ass leaders in industries from wellness and tech to fashion and finance.


In the past two weeks, we've had 779 digital event attendees, 22 events and 80% open rates on event follow up emails. People want this.

Case Study

A program with Bobbi Brown focused on having fun with your digital self image, including Zoom makeup competitions and playful approaches like that to uplift the community right now.

Like really really #LoveLaMer

Recommended virtual eventing for La Mer Global Customer Experience team

Hi Alexa! We hope you enjoyed this quick presentation. We recommend leveraging authentic and desirable interactions and virtual experiences that leave the customer relaxed, entertained, and knowledgable. Your customers are sophisticated, intelligent, resourceful, and most importantly have exceptional taste. The current virtual eventing landscape is leaving customers even more exhausted, overwhelmed, and lost. We would love to create the following events with you and your team.

Mort de rire - Special Guest Entertainment

Offer a break from industry experts and flawless influencers with comedians and celebrities who share a passion for beauty and skincare. Provide both education and entertainment from a relatable, friendly face. They will remember how you made them feel.

C'est Magique / Happy Hour Trivia

Take a break and be wowed by magic with a La Mer Twist! Plus Weekly trivia event for skincare fanatics. Participants are invited to answer questions for a chance to win coveted La Mer products. Prizes can also be awarded to followers who hashtagged #SelfCareWithLaMer over the past week.

Pre-Produced Education

Tutorials, how-tos, and workshops with higher production value than live video. “Live” aspect of the event focuses on real-time audience participation and engagement via live chat.

Thank you Alexa Leen. Let's create something exceptional together.

Let's do this